Emergency lighting is a self-descriptive term.

It is of course lighting for an emergency, whether it be caused by fire – when it is essential to quickly locate fire fighting equipment and identify exit routes from the premises, or break in the normal lighting supplies leading to sudden darkness and the resultant hazard to human life, either through physical danger or panic.

Where ever there is a gathering of people, safety is always of paramount importance.

RCE Services UK Ltd’s emergency lighting systems are designed to ensure persons are made aware of hazards, Escape routes are clearly defined and important information is readily available to those people. Our systems are designed and installed in compliance with BS 5622 and all other relevant legislation. In a fire situation hot smoke rises rapidly, rendering overhead lighting and escape signage totally ineffective.

RCE Services UK Ltd can install Low Location Lighting that provides a highly visible line of light at, or close to floor level, clearly identifying the escape path and illuminating the escape route even in extreme conditions.

If you require a new emergency lighting system or extension of an existing system. RCE Services are familiar with the various types of Emergency Lighting Systems for buildings such as Churches, Offices, Industrial Units Night Clubs etc.