Electrical Systems – Customer Counting Systems

RCE Services UK Ltd customer counting solutions integrate easily with key sales and labour data which will help retail organizations answer questions about operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness, allowing the possibility to implement change and realize significant savings and increased profitability.

Our systems provide continuous and quantifiable traffic information that feeds into existing key performance indicators to help retail organizations monitor the impact of their business decisions with measurable financial payback.

RCE Services systems will help organizations convert browsers into buyers by providing insight into consumer traffic patterns for each store location. There are a number of ways organizations can leverage retail intelligence to improve overall operations.

Accurately measure true conversion ratios
Accurately and cost effectively schedule employees
Identify “power hours,” or peak selling times
Get early warnings of future opportunities and/or challenges
Evaluate the success of advertising and promotional programs
Analyze new store concepts
Make informed decisions about visual merchandising
Compare the performance of multiple locations
The systems can be completely automated and integrate into most POS solutions or can be stand alone systems for manual monitoring.