Damart- Low Energy Lighting Project April 2010
We have recently started phase 1 of work in the Damart headquarters in Bingley, West Yorkshire, transforming their old inefficient lighting system into an intelligent low energy lighting system that is set to save them over £8000 a year in electricity bills. The old mill building was in need of a low energy overhaul, as the lighting system they had was decrepit and extremely inefficient. We carried out a low energy lighting survey for the company and produced a report detailing a new system that would save the company over £8000 a year on their electricity bills.
Not only were the company able to benefit from the savings each year, but were helped by an interest free loan that was granted by the Carbon Trust to fund the project. The Carbon Trust set up by the government, is designed to help businesses reduce their energy bills by offering interest free loans to fund energy saving projects, on the basis that the loan can be paid back by the energy savings made.